Should I refrigerate my peanut butter? It is not required and is totally up to you! Do you like your peanut butter to be silky and easily spreadable? Leave it out. Want it firmer and the perfect consistency to eat right from the spoon? Refrigerate. 

How long will my peanut butter last? At room temperature, it will last at least 6 months. In the refrigerator, it will last at least 1 year. If you do manage to not eat it all within a week or two, just be sure to give it a good stir every once in awhile.

I live in Columbus. What options do I have to get my peanut butter? We offer free local pickup from Blended & Blessed in German Village with your online order. You can find us weekly on Thursdays at the Pickerington Farmer's Market from 4-7pm. We are also occasionally at the North Market Downtown Market & Clintonville Farmers Market on Saturdays throughout the summer and fall. You can also find us in stores around Columbus! Check here for all of our specific market dates and store locations.

What does it cost to ship? Where will you ship? To keep things as simple as possible, our shipping charge is $8 for every $50 spent. (e.g. If you spend $50 on products, your shipping cost would $8. if you spend $100 on products, your shipping cost would be $16.) We ship all over the continental United States!

I just placed my order. When can I expect to receive it/pick it up? We do our very best to get you your order as quickly as possible. As a small business, we make shipments at least weekly and create our product to order. If you have a concern about the status of your order, please reach out by contacting us here.

How does the jar return program work? Once you've finished your 16oz jar, just wash it out, and bring the clean jar and lid to us at one of our markets. You will receive $1 off of a new jar! If you bring back multiple jars, you will receive $1 off per jar.

Do you have the nutrition information for each of the flavors? The Nutrition Facts for our three main flavors (Simply Salted, Bear Hug, and White Chocolate Pretzel) can be found here.

Are any of your flavors gluten free? Simply Salted and Bear Hug are both gluten free flavors. However, please note that they are made in the same facility as our White Chocolate Pretzel flavor which is not gluten free.

Do you offer bulk product for local bakers/restaurants/etc.? We sure do! Contact us here to let us know about your bulk needs.